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practical karate in the centre of turku, Finland


Welcome to train karate in our energetic club in Turku!

We organize karate classes for adults and children.

You get individual coaching during every lesson.


Come and try! The first week is free of charge.



The next beginner's class for adults (over 15 years) will start on Tue 18.1.2022. Check the training times hereFor the juniors (6-14 years), the next beginner's class will start on Wed 12.1.2022.


Due to COVID-19, adults' classes are cancelled until 28.1.2022. Junior classes continue normally.



Upcoming events


  • Christian Wedewardt's Effective Bunkai Seminar in Turku 02.04.-03.04.2022. Open the flyer. Registrate to the event using this form.

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